Preventative Dentistry

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Patient Education | Periodical Therapy & Refrerals | Nightguards / Mouthguards

Routine cleaning and checkup every six months

This appointment will include:

  • A dental cleaning (oral prophylaxis) to remove hard deposits (calculus or tartar), soft deposits (plaque) and superficial stains (from tea, coffee, smoking, etc.) from the teeth. The dental hygienist will also evaluate the health of your teeth and gums and provide the patient education and oral hygiene instruction as needed.
  • Bitewing x-rays (taken once per year) will help detect dental disease that cannot be seen with a visual exam alone (problems between the teeth, under existing crowns and fillings, etc.) Full mouth xrays are taken every five years to provide a more complete look at the overall condition of the teeth and bone.
  • An examination by the dentist to evaluate your dental needs and discuss any concerns you may have.
  • A topical fluoride varnish applied to strengthen the teeth.[/accordion]


During routine checkup appointments, the dentist will evaluate children’s permanent teeth as they erupt to determine if sealants are needed. Sealants are a preventative procedure where a thin plastic coating is applied to the chewing surface of permanent molars that have deep, developmental pits and fissures. These areas, if left untreated, are highly susceptible to tooth decay.

Patient Education

We believe that good oral health requires an understanding of the conditions present in your mouth. During your appointment we will explain our findings and tailor a home care plan to meet your specific needs. Our intra-oral camera can provide photographic images of your teeth to help you see what we see as we discuss your treatment options. Brief educational videos are available on the chairside computer monitors to provide detailed descriptions of a variety of dental procedures so you can have a thorough understanding of the recommended treatment.

Periodontal Therapy and Referrals

In certain circumstances, a routine six-month cleaning is not sufficient to achieve optimal dental health. Examples of these circumstances include:

  • If a year (or more) has elapsed since your last dental visit, the amount of calculus present and the resulting inflammation in the gums will require a deep cleaning.
  • In cases of gum disease, or inflammation of the gums and deterioration of the bone structure surrounding the teeth, the dentist will recommend scaling and root planning. This procedure is more extensive and intensive than a routine cleaning, and is generally done with anesthesia. It can help reduce the inflammation in the gums, shrink the depths of the pockets between the gum and the tooth, and create a healthier oral environment.

Following this procedure, periodontal maintenance cleanings will be done three or four times per year to monitor the condition of the gums. If the condition does not improve and stabilize, we will make a referral to a periodontist (gum specialist) for further evaluation and treatment.


Nightguards / Mouthguards

These devices can protect your teeth from excessive wear caused by grinding (bruxism) or clenching during sleep and from injury during sports activities. For more information please visit our education center.